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About VZWPix.com

Verizon Wireless operates one of the most reliable networks in the nation. They always come up with new affordable offers or upgrades of their wireless services. They are now introducing Verizon Wireless Pix. Verizon Wireless Pix is an affordable and simple mobile service that can certainly transform the way people communicate. It makes it easier for you to store and manage your picture and video messages.

            Up to 75 messages can be saved since storage capacity has been added. Verizon Wireless Pix also has an option to customize images and add sounds or text blurbs to it. The usage meter on the site will let you know how much storage you have used.

            There are several things you can do at the Vzwpix.com website. You can store your favorite pictures and videos. You can also create your own photo albums online and invite family and friends to view it. You can liven up you pictures with effects such as brightness, antique, black & white, comic bubble, soft focus, line drawing effects and cartoon too. You can also send images to your phone from your computer’s hard drive and you can also check out the Gallery and choose the images and sounds that you would like to include in your message.

            You have an unlimited number of temporary messages however all temporary messages will expire 7 days after receiving it unless it is saved. You also have the option to upgrade to Unlimited storage. You can select the “Get Unlimited Storage” link when you log in to Vzwpix Place and it only costs $1.99. This will be billed to your Verizon Wireless Account.

            The Vzwpix.com website is user-friendly. You will find links that have answers to your queries such as how you can save pictures from your phone to the web, how to order prints of your pictures, and how to share and create a personal album. There is also a section for FAQ’s or Frequently Asked Questions. Tabs are available for more information or you can use the search bar at the top of the page to look for something in particular. If you find that you need to reach someone in Verizon Wireless or would like to speak with someone, you can click on the Contact Us link at the top right corner of the page and you will be shown the customer service number to call, their address and you also have the option to send them an email too.

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